Released 2019-02-17
Maintenance release for 1.0.x series.
0000047: [General] Add a license agreement dialog box for the new drivers (Mario)
0000046: [General] Update the note on the image selection page (Mario)
0000044: [General] Add MCCI USB Drivers (Mario)
0000040: [General] Remove the USB-related warning notes (Mario)
0000041: [General] Polish Translation Update (Mario)
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WoR - 1.0

Released 2019-01-07
Feature release
0000036: [General] Directly use the WIM/ESD file from a mounted ISO image (Mario)
0000039: [General] Improve the logging (Mario)
0000037: [General] Redesign the "Installation overview" page (Mario)
0000038: [General] Report installation progress to the Windows taskbar (Mario)
0000013: [General] WIMGAPI / wimlib progress reporting (Mario)
0000033: [General] [internal] Use managed wrappers for DISM, Windows Imaging and wimlib APIs (Mario)
0000027: [General] Add the ability to select edition to apply (Mario)
0000030: [General] Allow only ARM(64) Windows images (Mario)
0000034: [General] Display a warning box when attempting to close the application while a task is ongoing (Mario)
0000012: [General] Allow the user to restart the installation process in case it fails (Mario)
0000035: [General] [internal] Code refactoring (Mario)
0000032: [General] Add Japanese translation (Mario)
0000031: [General] Add Polish translation (Mario)
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Released 2018-10-19
Maintenance release for 0.2.x series.
0000021: [General] Add 32bit wimlib-imagex (Mario)
0000022: [General] German translation (Mario)
0000020: [General] Add Russian translate (Mario)
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Released 2018-09-28
Maintenance release for 0.2.x series.
0000018: [General] Windows images containing install.esd are rejected (Mario)
0000019: [General] Add Hungarian translation (Mario)
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Released 2018-09-16
Patch for 0.2.2.x series.
0000016: [General] DISM process fails if the temporary drivers path ends with a backslash (Mario)
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Released 2018-09-15
Maintenance release for 0.2.x series.
0000015: [General] DISM process fails when a path has spaces (Mario)
0000010: [General] Translation of WoR Installer into the Croatian/Hrvatski language (Mario)
0000008: [General] Translation of WoR Installer into the Spanish language (Mario)
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Released 2018-08-26
Maintenance release for 0.2.x series.
0000011: [General] The temporary directory is not entirely deleted on exit (Mario)
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WoR - 0.2

Released 2018-08-11
Feature release
0000001: [General] Improve the exception handling (Mario)
0000003: [General] "Save this configuration on exit" switch button issue (Mario)
0000005: [General] Add support for 8GB SD cards (Mario)
0000006: [General] Windows first boot error on a MBR disk (Mario)
0000002: [General] Re-download the required 3rd party tools only when they are updated (Mario)
0000004: [General] Copy the WIM file to the temporary folder only when selecting an ISO image (Mario)
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