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Summary0000043: Overheating on RPI 3b

The device temperature is going REALLY high while using Windows, never 've seen such thing on a RaspberryPi before. The CPU radiator that i have mounted on my board litteraly hurts on touch.
RPI 3B, WoR v1.0, Windows On Arm final version 1702 or something like that.
Also, many lags and crashes while using.

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2019-02-04 12:03

administrator   ~0000068

Windows is a bit too heavy for the Raspberry Pi 3, so a heatsink is must-have.
If you don't see any thermometer icon in the top right corner of the screen then the SoC temperature is below the maximum safe value (85C).

The crashes may be related to the broken USB driver, but we'll get a stable one soon. See the status here:

Slowdowns are normal since we don't have a proper graphics driver and the ARM cores are not that powerful.
USB booting may improve the performance a bit, but that's not possible with the current driver.

Closing this issue as it's not related to the WoR imager tool.

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