WoR imager additional parameters

Changing the configuration file may lead to issues! You shouldn't modify this file unless you really know what you're doing.

Windows on Raspberry stores its configuration in the settings.ini file, which gets created on startup.
There are a few hidden additional parameters that can be set:
  • DismPath : default=null - specify a custom path to DISM (the directory must include "dismapi.dll", "dism.exe" and their dependencies) [this can be useful if the default version fails to service the image for any reason]
  • MinDiskSizeCompression : default=7 - minimum disk size (GB) required for a compressed installation
  • MinDiskSizeFullInstall : default=14 - minimum disk size (GB) required for a normal (non-compressed) installation
  • SkipEditionBuildNumCheck : default=0 - bypass minimum Windows build number enforcement (19041 on RPi 4 and 18362 on RPi 3) [issue reports with this flag set will be ignored!]

This config will allow a device of any size:

[WoR Configuration File]

Note: the setup will fail if the Windows image takes more space than available.